Jack Sumner


Jack Sumner (Jack Sum,J.Sum,) born August 9 1991 is a rapper from Gastonia, North Carolina. His long time nickname, J-Sum has transitioned into his rap stage name. Sum’s music is beginning to reach out across the east coast. His two most recent projects BUILD- I Forgive Everyone but Myself and Making Plays caught the attention of Hip Hop fans from Florida to Maine. Sum is also apart of the Rap group Pro Team which is a group comprised of Trae Tay, and Justyn Kennedy and Managed by George Copeland, the founder of Laborem Ent.
J-Sum’s first loves were basketball and music. His Passion for basketball plays a huge role in his passion for creating music. He is currently a Student at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
J.Sum combines stellar delivery, relatable topics and exceptional lyricism . As of now J.Sum is continuing to spread his life style BUILD. BUILD is a slogan that refers to getting better everyday, whether it is in everyday life, work, or school. It stands for progressing as a person, and that everyone should strive to reach his or her potential. BUILD is a mindset, attitude and a way a life for J-Sum and his fans. He is currently Working on an album and a mixtape set to be realeased this fall.
Keep a close eye on J.Sum as more and more people begin to hear his music.

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